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VISION 2022  The Council has a 4 year term and needs to set visions for the term with steps to deliver incrementally month by month over the time.


THINK ADELAIDE - Act for North Adelaide We are part of a major Capital City by world standards and enjoy the benefits and challenges associated. I want to ensure Adelaide becomes a Smart City and in doing so ensure North Adelaide enjoys the benefits of being part of it.


In my extensive sporting and business life things like Teamwork, Collaboration, Creativity, Communication and CoOperation have been just as important as Competition.

Solve the problems of today by using the already proven Technology and Business Models of the Future - Last Mile/First Mile Autonomous Shuttles

Protect the Best of our History and Heritage and improve the rest

Utilise the Parklands to improve the health, wellbeing and happiness of our people Establish a Native Foods Garden adjacent to Glover Playground in association with Dept of Environment and Kaurna people


Turn costs (e.g. waste to landfill)  into income leveraging the already proven  technology of the future ZERO WASTE 2022

Provide tools  to Communities to Solve problems - Homelessness via Blockchain 


Support our up and coming young entrepreneurs to develop the jobs of the future by becoming an early adopter, a customer and an advocate

Add Life and Business opportunities to our Mainstreets through CoWorking and Startup businesses of the future


Activate 88 O'Connell St ( LeCornu Site) for Parking NOW. Speed up development of an ICONIC  building of the future eg A Concert Hall

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